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"How to Build Community Support for Zoning Success"

Ken Linehan, AIA, LEED AP was asked to speak at this years International Builder's Show in Vegas; his topic "How to Build Community Support for Zoning Success". As big builders are breaking ground on large developments, smaller builders are gravitating toward infill parcels in order to compete, yet these sites can often be fraught with community opposition. Ken brought his expertise to the panel discussing various ways to gain neighborhood support and zoning approvals.

Topics covered in the session:

  • Discover effective ways to navigate a neighborhood meeting.
  • Examine ways to appreciate opposing views and convert opponents into partners.
  • Identify the rules of the game by learning when and how to present ideas and ask for responses.
  • Recognize how to turn your project into a community victory.

  • Ken discussed being effective by using community meetings, municipal staff interface and public hearings to ease concerns, and get direction on the best ways to gain zoning approvals, improve rapport with neighbors and convert opponents into partners. The session included an opportunity to brainstorm about specific challenges you may face and work with experts to develop a plan for success. The take away armed the audience with tips and tactics for ending the political fight and working toward positive outcomes for both the community and builder.

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