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"Best Practices in Multifamily"

Bob Koch was chosen to speak at the ULI Washington, D.C. Conference on the topic of Best Practices in Multifamily Housing Development. Along with speakers Jennifer Nevitt of Forty-Two, LLC and Bill Watts of MRC, Bob's overview of key concerns that can optimize multi-family community appeal, comfort and performance was covered during the workshop session.

Session Description: This newly designed course offers a unique focus on key development processes that will benefit both new and seasoned developers. This innovative program will identify and address the top five most critical factors at each phase of the multifamily housing development process. Integrating fundamental development issues with real world current impact factors, the course’s objective is to inform, identify key issues, and provide “tried and true” best practices to attain winning solutions. Participants will learn tools and strategies to achieve higher performance at each stage of the multifamily housing development process.

  • Product and site selection, including market feasibility and how to determine the economic impact when selecting a site
  • Governmental issues, including risk platforms
  • Design, including what works and what to avoid as far as functionality
  • Construction, including the key areas of concern from the developer’s perspective … and from the contractor’s perspective
  • Financing
  • Operations/Marketing and Leasing, including how to get the most “bang for the buck” and secrets of successful leasing professionals